Looking To Get Away From California? Find the Texas Smart Home of Your Dreams!

California’s population has been shrinking since 2021, and there’s no denying that plenty of residents are looking to move out of the state. If you’re one of them, it’s time to consider moving to a Texas smart home.

One of the key reasons people are looking to move out of California is the high cost of living, and Texas represents the perfect solution. In addition to the affordable cost of living, you’ll also find plenty of other reasons to love living in the Lone Star State.

As if Texas itself weren’t reason enough to move here, you’ll also find state-of-the-art smart homes at affordable prices. Make life more convenient, save money on utilities, and reduce your impact on the environment with a Texas smart home from Smart Home Construction. 

Don’t Take Our Word for It: Here’s Three Big Reasons You Should Move to Texas

Texas is one of the top states that Californians are moving to, and the reasons why are clear.

Hueco Tanks State Park, Texas, under a cloudy sky.

Breathtaking Scenery

From the sparkling ocean to wide-open ranchland, Texas is a beautiful place to live. Known for its flourishing wildlife and breathtaking scenery, there’s no denying that Texas is the perfect home for nature lovers.

A cup of coffee next to a plate with a waffle shaped like Texas topped with berries and sugar.

Unique Culture

You can’t argue with this: there’s no place quite like the Lone Star State. As the saying goes, everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes everything from the food and the cities to the personalities of your neighbors.

A home under construction.

Low Costs

Texas is home to some of the most affordable areas in the entire country. Along with the low cost of living, Texas also offers lower prices on new construction, making homeownership more attainable.

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Signs It’s Time To Move Out of California

It’s true that most residents love living in California, but that isn’t enough to keep them there. There are three big reasons why Californians say they’re considering leaving the state.

San Diego, California, at sunset.

High Costs

The high cost of living was the primary force behind Californians moving out of the state. Californians say everything from the cost of everyday living expenses to the cost of healthcare is too high.

An open highway in California under a cloudy sky.

Poor Economy

Less than a third of Californians said that they were satisfied with the economy in their state, and there’s no surprise as to why. Along with high costs, businesses and the jobs they offer have also been leaving California.

A burning pine forest.


Every year, California sees wildfires damage land and property across the state, devastating residents. For many, those wildfires are simply too much of a concern for them to continue living in the state.

Smart Home Construction Is the Key To Finding the Texas Smart Home of Your Dreams

The team here at Smart Home Construction is made up of dedicated home-building professionals committed to providing best-in-class smart home construction services to our clients. We believe in exceeding our clients’ expectations on every count, from the money you can save to the options you can choose from. When you work with Smart Home Construction, you’ll get a home designed to meet your needs and fit your budget. Don’t wait to start designing the smart home of your dreams.

Investing in a Texas Smart Home Is Investing in Your Future

Texas smart homes aren’t just a great place to live, they’re also great investments. Start seeing the difference a Texas smart home can have on your life.

A woman adjusts a high-tech thermostat in her home.

Cost Saving

If you’re looking for ways to save on utilities, a smart home is a no-brainer. From low-energy lightbulbs and energy-saving HVAC systems to water-reserving faucets and leak-detection plumbing, the savings potential is endless. 

Smart speaker for house control innovative technology

Home Security

Your home is the one place where you should be able to feel truly safe, and smart home security can make that a reality. You can rely on things like smart security systems and camera doorbells to keep your home safe.

A man checks his home using a smart home phone application.

Customizable Systems

One big benefit of relying on a smart home builder for your home is the ease of use of your smart home systems. You can customize your home from the foundation to the roof with cutting-edge smart home technology.

smart screen with smart home with modern living room

Convenient Control

You’ll never have to worry again that you’ve left the lights on or the door unlocked with a Texas smart home. Get access to all of the features of your home while on the go for the ultimate in convenient living.